Robotic Single Access Surgery

For Many Challenges –
a Solution ‘Of One’

At Titan Medical, we believe that robotic assisted surgery technology can be greatly advanced. We are committed to enhancing robotic assisted surgery through technology that requires only one patient access site.

Our goals are improved patient outcomes, lower operating room costs, and applied technology that is both effective and easy to use — allowing medical professionals to perform their best.

Our robotic assisted surgery system in development, the Enos™ single access surgery system, derives its name from the Greek language, meaning ‘Of One.’ The Enos system represents our wholistic approach to development. By focusing on a single patient access point, we expect that patient trauma and scarring can be reduced, and patients may be able to recover faster. 

The Enos system has not been cleared or approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration or any other regulatory authority in any other jurisdiction and is not yet commercially available.

Applying Advanced Robotic Technology to Replicate Natural Movement

Titan Medical is applying robotic technology to replicate natural movement so that surgeons can be more comfortable using our surgical system to deliver precise surgical end effector movement with forces appropriate for the essential tasks of surgery.

To achieve this, we are designing our input and motion control systems with an ergonomic focus and seek to mimic the real-life movements associated with tissue grasping, blunt dissection, cutting, approximation, suturing, coagulation, and ligation that surgeons regularly execute during minimally invasive surgery.

Our multi-articulating instruments allow a remarkable range of motion in confined space and deliver the necessary strength for common surgical tasks. These motions are executed through multi-articulating instrument arms that feature task-specific end-effectors which can be withdrawn and inserted into the body cavity, along with a 3D high-definition endoscope for visualization, all through one 25 mm diameter incision.

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Multi-Articulated Instruments