Titan Medical is focused on developing robotic assisted technologies for application in single access surgery. We are developing our Enos™ system to become the new standard of care in robotic single access surgery, with dual 3D and 2D high-definition vision systems, multi-articulating instruments, and an ergonomic surgeon workstation. Our goals are to enable better patient outcomes by allowing faster recovery times and less trauma and scarring, and improved clinical performance, operating room efficiency and favorable hospital economics.

Our Vision

We believe there is potential to reduce surgical trauma and improve patient outcomes through the use of single access, including single port and single orifice surgery, versus open surgery or minimally invasive surgery involving multiple incisions. Our goal is to address these potential benefits by designing and developing elegant single access surgical systems that allow surgeons to do their best work in the least invasive manner. The challenges are numerous, and we are intensely focused on solving them for the benefit of surgeons and health care technicians, hospitals, insurers and most of all, patients.

Why Us?

Titan Medical’s team spans the continuum of engineering disciplines encompassed by robotics, and the company has established strong relationships with leading technology specialists and clinical experts associated with the global robotic surgical community. We have placed early systems in the hands of surgeons who have operated them in preclinical and laboratory testing environments, generating use-case feedback that has guided our subsequent development. As evidence of the productivity of our entrepreneurial, problem-solving approach to design, our global patent portfolio has accelerated in recent years, and a subset of our intellectual property has already been licensed to Medtronic, one of the world’s largest medical device companies, while preserving the rights necessary to commercialize the technology ourselves. Our years of depth and our spirit of innovation continue to prepare us for commercialization.


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