The Enos surgical system is designed to deliver clinical capabilities beyond current robotic offerings. Titan engineers are designing the Enos system in direct response to feedback from laparoscopic and robotic assisted surgery device users. We are addressing an array of suggestions and requests ranging from device performance, ergonomics, operating room efficiency, ease of use, and reduced operating costs.

Evolving to the Enos System

Titan has been refining the Enos robotic single access surgery system over recent years, applying lessons learned from preclinical and laboratory evaluation and utilizing intellectual property and applying know-how that reaches back into the company’s productive history of robotic technology development.

In 2020, Titan rebranded its surgical system in development, the SPORT surgical system, to the Enos robotic single access surgical system, to better represent our focus.  The new brand accurately represents what our product is targeting: surgery through one access point in the body. Our human centric design is based on an accessible, ergonomic workstation, with advanced multi-articulated instruments that offer a new level of clinical capabilities, precision, control and safety, and miniaturized 3D high-definition endoscopic camera technology, all delivered through a single incision.

Tackling the Tough Tasks

Engineers are our DNA. The technology housed in the Enos system is not only nimble, it is designed to be robust, thoughtful and precise. Our engineers are solving challenges with fluid motion guidance systems, surgeon and technician ergonomics, and best in class 3D high-definition vision systems. These technologies aren’t merely abstract. They need to function without fail in demanding environments, withstanding the rigors of repeated use and sterilization. Components may be single-use or cleaned, re-sterilized and reused (reposable). The practical considerations of these solutions must translate into lower operating costs for hospitals to achieve long-term global adoption.

Intellectual Property

Titan Medical holds more than 150 patents and/or patent applications. As the team at Titan works to address the many challenges present in the intricate world of robotic surgery, we seek to recognize the innovations that our engineers create, building them into our expanding base of intellectual property. Titan Medical has already leveraged some of the value of our IP portfolio by licensing a portion of it to leaders in the medical device world. Titan Medical will continue to aggressively pursue patent protection on our inventions in innovative areas including camera and vision systems, ergonomic design, motion control and more. 

The Opportunity to Impact Humanity

Titan Medical President and CEO David McNally and Titan Medical USA Inc. President Perry Genova, PhD., share their thoughts on Titan’s role and responsibility in improving robotic assisted surgery.