The Elegant Interface

OUTSIDE: Comfort wraps function in a simple, beautiful, yet powerful form.
INSIDE: Circuitry, sensors and proprietary technology sense the presence of surgeons’ hands and translate motions and gestures into action.


Simple is Powerful

Surgeons operate with their hands, eyes, experience and instinct. Titan Medical recognizes that handpieces are the surgeon’s primary interface in surgery. They translate hand intentions into actions. We created handpieces that are comfortable and feel natural, provide flexibility and accommodate different hands sizes, different holding styles and even different surgical tasks. Designed with broad surgeon input, the elegance of the handpieces of the Enos surgical system lies in their simplicity.


Feature-Rich by Design

Clutch control for instruments and cameras

Grasper incorporating haptic feedback

Translates hand movement and gestures into action

Accommodates a broad range of hand sizes and gripping styles

Overmolded with different surface finishes to assure comfort, cue recognition and inform surgeons of hand position

Input from numerous surgeons representing multiple subspecialties

Undetectable latency

Simple. Beautiful. Elegant. Functional.

Our Evolution

We thought big and explored a range of options. We brought in surgeons. We listened to feedback and observed use. We reengineered, refined and presented handpieces that are the extension of the surgeon’s hands.